Update: Our Support to the CDC Foundation

We were happy to see that CARESTAR’s support is helping to make a difference in the fight against COVID-19. Our recent $100,000 grant to the CDC Foundation has helped to provide PPE and other critical supplies, staffing, support to vulnerable communities, and much more.

See their progress report here:

CDC Progress Report

About the CARESTAR Foundation

The CARESTAR Foundation was founded as a result of the sale of CALSTAR (California Shock Trauma Air Rescue) and honors CALSTAR’S legacy and lifesaving work in the field of emergency and trauma care. CARESTAR’s mission is to strengthen connections and foster partnerships in California’s injury prevention, emergency response, and trauma care landscape to improve outcomes for all Californians.


Laura Kaufman, Communications Director

The CARESTAR Foundation

925-286-2137 | lkaufman@carestarfoundation.org