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Community Paramedicine Grants

Through this initiative, we seek to support the expansion of community paramedicine (CP) programs across California, providing funding to LEMSAs that are pursuing CP or Triage to Alternate Destinations (TAD). 

We are pleased to offer grant funds to support the expansion of community paramedicine (CP) programs across California. 

These one-time grants are designed to facilitate the initiation of early implementation activities for new or existing CP or TAD programs. Applications for funding are available to LEMSAs by invitation only.


Grants are unrestricted and can be used to support a variety of CP-related activities as identified locally (e.g., training, implementation, etc.). Award amounts are set at $50,000 for both CP and TAD programs. Additional funds may be available if there are two or more participating providers within a LEMSA service area. The grant period is 18 months, with the flexibility to extend if necessary.

How it Works

  • Upon approval of a CP or TAD application (or both), by the state Emergency Medical Services Authority (EMSA), CARESTAR will receive automatic notification. Subsequently, an email invitation to apply for a CARESTAR grant will be sent to the LEMSA administration.

  • This is not a competitive process; grants are available on a first-come, first-served basis until funds are depleted.

Eligibility and Requirements

  • Must be a LEMSA

  • LEMSAs must have received approval from California EMSA for its CP and/or TAD program

  • Grant recipients will take part in a 30-minute “onboarding” call with CARESTAR, attend check-in meetings every six months, and submit a short report at the end of the grant period

*Many thanks to CVS Health for providing supplemental grant funding for this program.


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