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CARESTAR Names CEO to Lead Foundation In Improving Emergency and Trauma Care

November 5, 2018 – Health services administrator Tanir Ami has been named CEO of CARESTAR, the nonprofit health advocacy organization that funds innovative programs to prevent violence and improve emergency and trauma care while reducing injury, disability and death for all Californians. Ami, the former CEO of OLE Health in Napa, and recently the CEO of its Foundation, assumed the role November 1.

“Tanir brings a remarkable history in health services administration from her work directing OLE Health, providing care to 33,000 Napa residents. Leading their Foundation, she orchestrated support for a completely new patient facility. In her work with the Community Clinic Consortium in Richmond, CA, and the Blue Shield of California Foundation, Tanir initiated successful programs to advance health and safety for the most vulnerable Californians,” says CARESTAR’s President and Board Chair, Ken Meehan. “We are thrilled to have her onboard, and excited that she brings a distinctive blend of experience, compassion and enthusiasm for collaborative healthcare improvement to the table. She will be a champion for our foundation’s work in improving emergency care for all Californians.”

Ami, who holds a Bachelor’s degree with honors in Women’s Studies and Latin American Studies from UC Santa Barbara, also earned an MBA with a certificate in Health Services Management at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. She received an Excellence in Leadership award for Outstanding Non-Profit Leader of the Year in Napa in 2016.

“I was very drawn to the newness of this organization, and the ability to help develop its change-making place in the world of emergency care and violence prevention. So much is happening in the health care landscape, particularly a focus on patient experience at the point of care. We have the opportunity to make real improvement for California residents by fostering innovative programs,” says Ami.

“Foundations in general, and this one at this time, give us the unique ability to address a huge problem. As the new CEO, I am available with an open door to connect with all groups with the larger picture in sight – better violence prevention and improved emergency and trauma care. I want to work together, thoughtfully and strategically, as a team, in bringing real improvement to this vital aspect of care for all Californians. Putting patient care and the health and wellness of our communities back at the center of health care is so exciting,” Ami adds.

She is available after November 1 at

CARESTAR will soon announce two inaugural grants: One is for a health information sharing initiative for communication between ground/air medical providers. Another supports a violence prevention initiative that reduces readmission to trauma centers for at-risk youth. The organization seeks applications on an ongoing basis for innovative programs fostering improved safety, emergency and trauma care, injury and violence prevention.


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